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DIY Small Game Head

If you read my last post comparing a few of the small game broadhead options, this is a post I’m sure you have been waiting for!

This is gonna be a real short and sweet post but with a TON of value as I hope to keep a few $ in your pocket next hunting season.

For most of us, keeping a small game arrow in our quiver is a must, and some days they are all I carry. So spending $6-8 on a head that is routinely shot into the ground or up in the trees seemed a little spendy to me.

I did a bunch of research and read a ton of forum posts to find a good DIY broadhead and wanted to share this with all of you.

Here is the Material List:

  • 8-32 x 1 -1/2” Machine Screw
  • 10-32 T-Nut
  • 8-32 Hex Nut
  • 2 6mm flat washers

For the T-Nut, I chose the 10-32 sizing as it still fits snugly once assembled and provided a bit more weight and a larger hit radius.

You can experiment with multiple hex nuts to increase weight as well to fine tune your setup.

The flat washers were tricky to find, you will have to look in the indoor plumbing area to find them! I plan on experimenting with other options to increase the durability as the plastic is quite brittle in colder weather. I will update the post when I find a different option!!

For testing purposes, I bought enough supplies to make 3 heads and have a few spare parts. I plan on finding a bulk supplier to order enough to make 30-40 heads as I will outfit the 3 other hunters who I commonly hunt with to bring down the cost.

Using 1 screw, 1 T-Nut, 2 flat washers, and 1 hex nut yielded a 144gr tip, which performed very well.

The heads grouped with my field tips quite well and I was able to take grouse out to 40 yards with no issues. It also performed great on two rabbits as well!

diy small game head

The best part about these heads??? They cost $1.95/head. Not a typo, thats 3 DIY heads for the price of 1 standard judo point.

Any questions about these heads please reach out, I would be glad to help!


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