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SpyPoint Cell Link

The SpyPoint Cell Link is a newer product that converts your non-cellular trail cameras, to cellular. It is a small external modem that connects through your cameras SD card slot, and then allows a user to reap the benefits of being wireless.

I ran two of these modems last season, they were used with Wildgame Innovations, Stealth Cam along with a non-cellular SpyPoint camera. They were tested on multiple brands to see if I noticed any differences between the brands. I was limited to these brands as this is what I own, and have to use.

I had great success with one of the units, setup for over a month, used very minimal battery on the modem itself. As long as you remember to set date and time on the host camera, setup was very easy. A data transfer cable connects the SD card slot on the camera to the modem itself. The unit has signal indicators so you aren’t guessing and can make sure unit has service prior to leaving. 

The image quality that is transmitted is fairly decent. This unit was setup with a SpyPoint Solar Dark camera. It was set to the high quality setting, and the camera is listed at 12MP.

Here is a comparison of daylight photos (transmitted on the left).

Here is a comparison of night time photos (transmitted on the left)

The other unit, attached to my Stealth Cam I used the long range antenna. It showed good signal when I set it up, however it had not transmitted a single image. This camera was also set up for over a month. The unit itself did work prior to being set up. Upon inspection of the camera setup I noticed that the micro USB cord had not been fully seated into the modem. The micro USB cord is what transmits the images from the cameras SD slot to the modem, so I not only did not have any images sent to me, I also did not have any recorded. The connection seems to be a bit finicky but I’ll put some blame on user error here. 

I have since run that modem and found no issues, this was entirely user error. I would like the ability to transfer images and store them on the host camera but baring the cameras coming with dual SD card slots like DSLR cameras I think that’s asking for too much.


The retail price of these modems is only $79.99 CDN which is quite affordable. Consider each tank of gas throughout the summer you would use to check your camera (and your time). It does require additional batteries in the modem itself (8) so this adds to the cost of running your cameras, but I still think it is more economical if you run cameras for longer than a few weeks, and you put way less scent into the area as you go in and check cameras!

The basic photo plan is a FREE plan, this gives you 100 images a month, every month, for FREE.

For an initial setup, or for a new area this is a very reasonable amount of images, you can also update your plan at any time. 

Monthly image packages start at $5 and max at $15 per camera, with discounts if you run yearly cams.

The breakdown is 

$5 plan – 250 images ($4/month if paid yearly)

$10 plan – 1000 images ($7/month if paid yearly)

$15 plan – Unlimited images ($10/month if paid annually)

SpyPoint also has no activation fees, allowing you to upgrade/downgrade your plans at any time.


Here is the look you will get with the different brands of cameras.

Overall, for the price you pay and the convenience of receiving images right to your phone I think these modems are an excellent addition to your trail cameras. You can run your existing cameras so the cost to switch to cellular is a fraction and the basic plans are FREE. Great for testing out new areas where photo amounts are uncertain. 

I hope this helps and as always. If you have any questions feel free to reach out!



The SpyPoint Cell Link modems that I tested and used last season were loaned to me as demo units, I ran the free plans for the season as well. I will not retain the products following the season and I was asked to put them in the field and give my thoughts and opinions on the product.

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