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Caring For Game Bags

Because I use the gutless method to quarter animals in the field prior to packing it out, I rely on game bags to keep the meat clean and the bugs off. Previously, I used Alaska Game Bags but the last two seasons I have been using TAG game bags (which I really like). 

Using the TAG game bags on 2019 Mule Deer

I know some people like to use the cheaper cheese-cloth style bag and treat them as one-time-use but in my opinion, keeping your game bags in good condition while remaining scent and bacteria-free is pretty easy. So, if you’re unsure of how to care for your game bags to prolong their life, I hope the following method can help you.

Here are the simple steps I use to care for my TAG game bags: 

Step 1:

Once you have all the meat out, pick out any left-over scrap pieces of meat or fat from the bags. If the bags have been sitting in a cooler for an extended period of time they can be quite bloody, rinse them out with cold water briefly. 

Step 2:

Soak the bags in a bucket of cold water and a cup of baking soda. This will pull out any left-over blood and help with any lingering scent. Occasionally, I will leave the bags in the solution overnight. 

Step 3:

Rinse the bags using cold water. If they’re still quite bloody, repeat step 2.

Step 4:

Wash the bags in your washing machine. Chose the delicate setting in cold water. Once the machine has filled with water, add a cap full of unscented bleach. This will finish whitening the bags back and will take care of any odour causing bacteria. 

It’s a good idea to select an extra rinse on your machine, or you can rinse under cold water from the tap to be sure all the bleach has been cleared. 

Step 5:

Hang the bags to air dry. This keeps the material from shrinking or being damaged by heat, thus extending their life. 

It is important to only use cold water, as warm or hot water will cause the game bags to retain the reddish colour from the blood and the bags will be permanently stained. While this doesn’t affect their performance, it is nice to have clean white bags!

Hopefully, these steps help you keep your game bags clean and keep a few extra dollars in your pocket by prolonging the life of your purchase!


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