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My Wife’s First Bow

As you all know, I am extremely addicted to bowhunting and am not looking to change that haha! Sharing the outdoors and my experiences with those close to me, like my brother J and my wife D, is very important to me. After trying archery for the first time about a year ago, it was finally time to get my wife her own bow so that she can begin practicing and learning leading up to next hunting season. 

The realistic goal is for her to be ready to go out small game hunting to start! This is a great way to get out in nature with the dogs and each other while doubling up our chances of bringing home some wild game meat! In the future, she does want to hunt big game with J and I and I am really looking forward to that.

This will be a great little post highlighting the buying process and things to keep in mind when purchasing a first bow!

Now, if you’ve picked up on a theme in some of my gear buying posts it is to utilize the expertise of local pro shops. Making sure that the buying experience is positive can have lasting effects on the longevity of a sport or hobby.

My wife’s first time shooting a bow. Over a year ago!

Knowing that I wanted my wife to be confident with the bow she got and comfortable practicing when I am not home was paramount, so off to Jim Bows Archery in Calgary we went! 

First up, we had to asses the needs of my wife as an archer/bowhunter. I knew that her current draw weight was not going to be very high, as the muscles required to draw back have not been used or trained (this will be the same with younger archers). Also, knowing that she will want to hunt big game in the future, we wanted to look for a bow that is adjustable so that she can grow into the sport without having to immediately upgrade her setup. 

Next, we thought about draw length adjustability, as when getting an entry level bow it is important to have a bow that can have its draw length adjusted without a bow press. A 1/2” change can really benefit a shooter in terms of their comfort and accuracy. Having an adjustable draw length also allows the bow to be repurposed to another new archer down the road, whether it be a friend, a future child, or just maintaining some resale value (as it would fit any archer).

Once we had those requirements identified, we consulted with the staff at Jim Bows and narrowed it down to the Bowtech Fuel or the Diamond CT-1. Both of these bows have adjustable draw lengths using a module and each allow for draw weights from 20-70 lbs. 

The reason for narrowing it down to these two models came down to features and price range. We opted to move into the second and third step up in models (as opposed to the entry level bows) because of the accessories included and the higher quality cams for better performance. Both of these bows come equipped with Bowtech R.A.K. accessories, which include a 3-pin sight, a quiver, a wrist sling, and a whisker biscuit arrow rest. 

For a new archer, having the accessories included with the bow purchase make the buying process easy and simple… one choice and they are almost field ready!

Once we identified the two bows, Samson at Jim Bows set both bows up to my wife’s draw length and draw weight and let her shoot each bow multiple times to see which felt more comfortable for her. While my wife was shooting, she was also coached on the proper form, what to look and feel for, and the features of the bow. This was great and was a very good refresher as she had not shot in almost a year and the little form corrections will greatly improve her experience! He also made it so that she shot one arrow with one bow and then the next arrow on the other one, which allowed her to really feel the differences between the bows.

My wife ended up choosing the Bowtech Fuel. The draw cycle felt comfortable for her and she was even able to draw 31lbs right off the hop!!! The Fuel also had a more streamlined riser and grip, which felt better in her hand and the bow itself was a touch lighter making it easier to support with her front arm.

After this, we moved on to picking out some arrows. Because she has a relatively low draw weight and length, she was able to shoot a 500 spine arrow (which is on the stiff side currently to allow for her to increase poundage without having to change her arrows right away).

These are little things that are not communicated when buying from the big two box stores!

Once the arrows were cut and the inserts were glued in, Samson helped my wife get her sight dialed in to 20 yards and then allowed her to remain and shoot as long as we wanted following the purchase! 

wife's new bow

Jim Bows also let us know that with any bow purchase from them, any adjustments you need down the road (from increasing draw length to checking cam timing and draw length) was included and they would be happy to help. 

All in, we were able to get my wife all set up for under $700, including arrows!

The basic education and form cues that she received only added to that value!

Until the weather warms up and we can head to the outdoor range, she has been practicing at 10 yards in our basement! I have also refreshed her arrows to look a little more “pretty” haha!

If you have any questions about this write-up or are looking to get a bow for a new archer in your life let me know, I would be glad to help!


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