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Preseason Bowhunting Checklist – Make Sure You Are Setup For Success!

a bowhunter is ranging his target during last light on the boundary of a hay field

Hey there, fellow bowhunters! We are now less than 10 days from the bow season here in southern Alberta. Here is a quick preseason bowhunting checklist that I encourage you to go through, whether you are a complete newbie or a more seasoned bowhunter. If one of these checklist items helps you, then it is 100% worth it! Good luck this upcoming season!

a bowhunter is ranging his target during last light on the boundary of a hay field
  1. Bow Check-Up: Inspect the strings, cables, cams, and limbs for any signs of wear and tear. While 10 days is not generally enough time if there is a major concern (like new strings). It is still better to know and work to a solution than have your equipment fail in the field. A quick tune-up might be needed to ensure your shots are spot on. See your local proshop for a quick once over if you are unable to perform the basic maintenance yourself.
  2. Arrows and Broadheads: Check for damage to your arrows, nocks, and fletching. Make sure your broadheads are sharp and that they are tuned. Very rarely will a broadhead hit in the exact same spot as your field tips right off the bat. You will need to do some tuning prior to season.
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice: This late in the summer, I like to focus on some different angles and odd distances. I always start each session with a cold, long shot to check my range. Remember, it’s the first arrow that counts!
  4. Gear Inventory: Take stock of your hunting gear. From camo, pack, optics and boots to scent control products (if you believe in them) and tree stands, make sure everything is clean, in working condition, and ready to roll.
  5. Safety Equipment: Safety shouldn’t take a day off. Check your safety harness and tree stand for any defects. Pack a well-stocked first aid kit and ensure your communication devices (if you are without service) are functioning and charged.
  6. Knowledge and Permission Refresh: Brush up on hunting regulations and laws specific to your area. Touch base with landowners from prior seasons to confirm your access, don’t assume you are still able to hunt.
  7. Pack Smart: Prepare a checklist of items you’ll need in the field – water, snacks, survival gear, rangefinder, binoculars, calls or a decoy if that’s your jam.
  8. Double-Check Documents: Make sure you have your tags and licenses purchased. This should be obvious, but very necessary.
a broadhead grouping perfectly with a field tip during a preseason bowhunting checklist tuning session

So there you have it – your timely preseason bowhunting checklist for a successful bowhunting season.

Here’s to tight groups, thrilling moments, and unforgettable memories. Happy hunting!


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